Executive Board

Council President
Tim Garvey
Director, Facilities and Distribution
College of American Pathologists
Email: tcgarvey@gmail.com

Council Vice President
Brian Dean
Sr. Director, Real Estate & Workplace
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
Email: bdean@enterprisecommunity.com

Council Treasurer
Christopher Horwitz, CFM, SFP
Executive Director – Facilities Development & Management
Lone Star College
Email: christopherhorwitz@gmail.com

Council Secretary
Charity Ferreira
Sr. Facilities Administrator
Email: charity.ferreira@scra.org

Council Past President
Jim Zielinski
Director of the Office of Facilities Management and Maintenance
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Email: jzielinski@diopitt.org

Council Committee Chair
Jim Christopher
Director, Technical Facilities Services
PEA Group
Email: jchristopher@peagroup.com